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How long does it take to complete the application?

The application should take no longer than 10-15 minutes. Please ensure all documentation is included.

Do centers have to complete all sections of the application or just those that pertain to their center?

Sites must submit documentation of benchmark menus the site is applying for as well as photographs of best practices for respective benchmark menus.

If a center does not provide food or have a food program, will they be penalized or not eligible to achieve the highest recognition?

A site will not be penalized if a section on the benchmark menu does not apply to them as the recognition is awarded on a tier-based system. If a section on the benchmark menu does not apply to your site, the site still has the opportunity to receive the highest recognition available by earning the required points from the sections on the benchmark menus that do apply to the site.

Which sites are eligible to apply for recognition?

Any site licensed/registered in the state of Florida is eligible to apply, including: center-based (including multi-site programs), family child care homes, and early head start/head start programs.

What are the benefits of becoming recognized?

Recognized centers will receive: certificates of recognition, recognition on the ECE website, potential recognition at state conferences, potential media opportunities, social media recognition, and discounts on supplies.

How long is the recognition good for?

The recognition is for two years.

If I am applying for a multi-site center, do I have to complete separate applications for each center?

No, you do not have to complete an application for each center. Check the box "is this a multi-site request?" and provide the names, addresses, and license number of each site applying for recognition in the box below.

If I am applying for a multi-site center, how many training certificates do I need to submit?

You will still need to provide enough training certificates to satisfy the requirement that 60% of staff received trainings related to the Benchmarks.

What is the training requirement for a family child care home?

If a family child care home has a staff of three (3) or less, then all staff members must complete at least one training related to any of the Benchmark menus to receive recognition.

Can sign-in logs for trainings be accepted in lieu of training certificates?

Yes, sign-in logs will be accepted as long as they are signed by the Director and a copy of the training presentation or curriculum used are provided.

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