Success Story for Bright Days

Despite having a good-sized playground, Bright Days child care center had a problem providing enough space for the children to ride tricycles and play with other push/pull toys. “We had just a very small loop and not many children could use it at one time. It was very limited,” explained Linda Jones, Area Director for Bright Days.
Using a $500 stipend from Nemours and free labor from the local prison, Bright Days was able to expand their tricycle path. The former trike loop was extended at both ends to connect to the sidewalk next to the classrooms. “We still have a continuous loop, but it is much larger so that more children are able to ride and use their toys on the path now,” said Linda.
Chad Arnold, Health/Disabilities Coordinator, explained further, “The larger area means they are increasing their physical activity by riding more. The path now connects to a ramp and a small hill, so it also creates a better challenge for them. It’s just a more interactive area now.”
Both Chad and Linda noted that while the teachers and kids love the new area, the parents love it too and come to play with their children more. Linda further commented that, “This was the best $500 we’ve ever spent. This is a long-lasting, permanent fixture that not only benefits the children currently enrolled, but future children at the center will be able to enjoy it too. The extended trike path has worked so well, we replicated this project at one of our sites in Tallahassee, as well.”
Information provided by interview with:
Linda Jones, Area Director and Chad Arnold, Health/Disabilities Coordinator
Bright Days
250 NW Haynes St
Madison, Florida 32340
Phone: 850-973-4243

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