Success Story for Pride and Joy Child Development Center

“I thought participating in the learning collaborative was inspiring,” says Sheila Henry, owner of Pride and Joy Child Development Center in Quincy, Florida. “It prompted me to make changes in our meal plans and lesson plans for the children. I was able to implement the information I received.”
Ms. Henry knew from participating on the Child and Adult Care Food Program what to serve the children at each meal, but she wanted to make improvements. One of the biggest changes was less sugary foods. “We had a party for the children and had a variety of fruit rather than sugary treats. The children loved it and the parents all responded positively. Because of what we do here, they will do better at home,” explained Ms. Henry.
The children are learning more about food and nutrition through changes in the curriculum. Ms. Henry has incorporated more books, CDs, and dramatic play about nutrition into the curriculum. The curriculum also incorporates more active play as well. “Breathless play makes sense to me now,” says Ms. Henry.
Participating in the collaborative has inspired personal changes as well. “I enjoyed the cooking experiences a lot. It made me see different ways of preparing foods and I tried foods I had never eaten before, so it was personal,” Ms. Henry explained.
Ms. Henry summed up the experience by saying, “I hope we will graduate some healthy, lean kids with healthy teeth.”
Information provided by interview with:
Sheila Harris
Pride and Joy Child Development Center
(850) 627-8200

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